RCF Sub 8003-AS II aktiivisubwoofer

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Aktiivinen 18" PA-subwoofer. 1100 W RMS, 135 dB SPL, 35 Hz - 120 Hz.
RCF Sub 8003-AS II aktiivisubwoofer
- Aktiivinen PA-subwoofer
- 18" elementti 4.0" puhekelalla
- Äänenpaine Max SPL @ 1m: 135 dB
- Vahvistinteho: 1100 W RMS, 2200 W Peak, D-luokan vahvistin
- Taajuusvaste: 35 Hz - 120 Hz
- Sisääntulot: 2 x XLR
- Ulostulot: 2x XLR-X-Over
- Jakotaajuus: 60 / 80 / 100 / 125 Hz
- Sisääntuloherkkyys: -2 dBu/+4 dBu
- Powercon IN/OUT
- Limitteri
- Kotelo: koivuvaneri
- Mitat: 694 x 700 x 523 mm (KxSxL)
- Massa: 45 kg.

The SUB 8003-AS II active subwoofer features the latest generation of RCF woofer technology, digital amplifiers and DSP processing with higher power and enhanced performance. It offers the perfect blend of bass reproduction, high SPL and compact dimensions for mobile use by bands and DJs.

RCF's Class-D power amplifier technology packs huge performance operating with high efficiency into a lightweight solution. RCF amplifiers deliver an ultra-fast attack, realistic transient response, and impressive audio performance. The amplifier features a solid machined aluminium structure which not only stabilises the amplifier during transportation but also helps the fan-less heat dissipation. All the amplifiers present SMPS power supply section to produce maximum output and minimum weight.

RCF specialises in developing advanced transducer technology including the application of high-tech materials such as Neodymium, Carbon Fiber, Pure Titanium, Kevlar, Kapton and Mylar hybrids. With over 60 years of design and manufacturing experience in the market, RCF has been instrumental in technological inventions such as carbon fiber cone molding, double silicon spiders, inside/outside voice coil windings to edge wound voice coil manufacturing and pure titanium diaphragm forming. Our latest developments have resulted in designing state of the art neodymium magnetic circuits, radically new voice coil ventilation systems and ground breaking direct drive voice coil assemblies.

RCF subwoofers are the first choice of many sound engineers, thanks to the very high SPL levels at very low frequencies, small dimensions compared to the competitors, self- powered design, internal delay control, cardioid configuration options and impressive size/weight to SPL output ratio. Your crowd will be able to live an engaging immersive experience.

The RCF cabinets are made of the best multi-ply hardwood coated with a textured black finish. The subs are stackable and light-weight, for easy set-up and tear down, thanks to the ergonomic handles. A pole receptacle on top and side allows the use of the box in various configurations. The powder coated front grille integrates a special transparent-to-sound foam backing on the inside to further protect the transducers from dust.
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