Behringer Minifex FEX800 efektilaite

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Behringer Minifex FEX800 stereo efektilaite (139,00)MINIFEX FEX800- helppokäyttöinen sterokaikulaite- 16 efektiohjelmaa- kaiut, delayt, chorus, flanger, phaser, leslie-efekti, pitch shifteri ym.- laulajalle tai karaokeen ym.- kompaktin kokoinen laite...
Behringer Minifex FEX800 stereo efektilaite (139,00)
- helppokäyttöinen sterokaikulaite
- 16 efektiohjelmaa
- kaiut, delayt, chorus, flanger, phaser, leslie-efekti, pitch shifteri ym.
- laulajalle tai karaokeen ym.
- kompaktin kokoinen laite

If you need a dose of digital magic to put that perfect fi nishing touch on your live or studio sound,
tap into the incredible MINIFEX FEX800. So easy-to-use – the FEX800 can turn virtually anyone into
a digital FX expert in mere moments!

16 Awesome Presets
A super-cool, compact little gem, the FEX800 features 16 amazing FX presets including studio-grade reverb,
delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, rotary speaker, pitch shifter and a variety of stunning multi-effects.

Extreme Versatility
An intuitive FX Preset control with LED indicator lets you know what's on deck, while the versatile Edit and
Tap/Select functions give you the ultimate control over a wide range of effects parameters.

Your Connection to Amazing Sound
The FEX800 has two modes of operation – mono and stereo. Featuring both balanced ¼ " and XLR Inputs,
FEX800’s Input Level control has a 6-digit LED meter that provides a precise level indication for flawless signal integrity.

Additional Features and Build Quality

Dedicated Mix Balance and Output Level controls make it so very easy to quickly dial-in the perfect sound.
And if you're using the FEX800 live, the footswitch connector provides easy on/off switching (footswitch sold separately).
Highest-quality potentiometers, illuminated switches and low-noise audio operational amplifiers provide exceptional sonic performance.

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