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Aktiivinen 2-tie pro lähikenttämonitori studio- ja hifikäyttöön.
Adam S2X, aktiivikaiutin (1899,00)
Aktiivinen 2-tie pro lähikenttämonitori studio- ja hifikäyttöön. Huom! Rekisteröidessäsi tuotteen saat sille pidennetyn yhteensä 5 vuoden takuun!
Nyt tähän erikoishintaan vain sisällä olevat kaiuttimet!

Adam Audion kaiuttimet rakentuvat X-ART nauhadiskantin ympärille. Nauhadiskantin suuntaavuus ja toiston erottelu luovat Adam-kaiuttimien tunnusomaisen soinnin. Adam aktiivikaiuttimille on myös tunnusomaista hyvä suorituskyky kokoluokan muihin kaiuttimiin verrattuna.

- 7,5" bassoelementti (250W)
- X-ART diskanttielementti (50W)
- Taajuusvaste 35Hz-50kHz
- Mitat 370 x 220 x 320 mm (KxLxS)
- Paino 10,8kg

The S2X is designed as nearfield monitor for use in small and medium-sized control rooms. The 7.5-inch Hexacone woofer is driven by a sophisticated magnetic system whose large linear cone excursion realized by the 2" voice coil makes for excellent dynamics of sonic events.

The impulse response of the S2X is accurate within the entire frequency range, the stereo image well balanced and the accurate placement of individual sound events is problem-free. Distracting noises can be precisely located; the generous sweet spot remains stable even when you leave the listening position so you can always keep track of your sound. Despite the compact case the bass sounds big and precise, the 250 Watt PWM amplifier interacts with the 50 Watt tweeter amp allow for a maximum sound pressure level of 120 dB per pair.For the models S2X, S3X, S4X and S5X we offer the option of anexternal amp unit in order to make flush mounting of these monitors easier.

"We started off with a classical string quartet recording and let’s just say right away that the S2Xs floored us. Several adjectives spring to mind: wide open, transparent, effortless, breathtaking realistic, loud, dynamic, involving. [...] These monitors are up there with the best we I’ve tried so far." (Huw Price, MusicTech)

The SX-Series offers monitors designed and built for no-compromise professional use. ADAM’s experience based on many years of intense research and development in the field of electro-acoustics combined with selected, high-quality electronic components and materials results in these top class studio monitors. An excellent transient response, clear sound quality and a broad versatility have made the SX-Series monitors coveted tools in recording studios around the world.

Powerful amplifiers and HexaCone woofers – the perfect combination

High-performance PWM amplifiers drive all of the woofers in SX-Series monitors. Due to their high efficiency of over 90%, these amplifiers have less power loss and are thus more loadable and durable than classic A/B amplifiers. They are also more broadband with additional sonic benefits in the treble range. ADAM has developed a special low-noise 50 Watt amplifier with a flat frequency response up to 300 kHz to drive the X-ART tweeter. In conjunction with the high-efficiency tweeters, this enables the SX-Series models to produce both accurate and effortless high-frequency reproduction.

The cone speakers in the SX monitors are all made from HexaCone, an aramid-plastic core with honeycomb structure coated on both sides with Kevlar. This ensures maximum strength with minimum weight, resulting in a superior dynamic response with self-resonances of the diaphragm eliminated from the audible range. The advantage of combining HexaCone woofers with an X-ART tweeter and PWM amplifiers is outstanding dynamic performance and high sound pressure levels.

X-ART reveals the finest sonic details

Every model of the SX-Series features ADAM’s unique ‚hand-made in Berlin' tweeter with our proprietary X-ART technology. In addition, the main monitors (S5X-H, S5X-V, S6X and S7A Mk2) are also equipped with X-ART midrange drivers. The precise transient response as well as the driver's ability to reproduce the finest sonic details make ADAM monitors uncompromising and effective tools. SX cabinets are built with generously rounded edges and a durable plastic coating. The former minimizes distracting reflections while the latter provides extra protection for everyday use in the studio.

Extensive room adaptive options

A variety of control options are available in the SX-Series models for extensive adjustments to room acoustics. The S1X features low and high shelving EQs as well as the tweeter gain and volume control. Models S2X through S5X also feature a front-mounted control panel. In addition to a standby switch, two LEDs to indicate clipping and the status of the optional D/A-converter are located here. The S6X andS7A Mk2 models have an even more extensive set of available controls.

Optional: D/A converter and external amp unit EA-SX

A 24 Bit/192 kHz DAC plug-in card is available for SX models (S2X and higher). Beyond that, the EA-SX external amplifier lets you flush mount the S2X, S3X, S4X and S5X models. The respective external amplifiers are mounted together with the control unit in a 19-inch rack. All electronic parts and the setting options are identical to the amplifiers used in the standard SX models.

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